Day of The Cartoonist. (Sketch)

So, the Fourth was just with us just the other day (04/05) only for us to celebrate cartoonists the next day (05/05); How sketchy! 

Nonetheless, cartoons have been a part of the building blocks of most humans from childhood through adolescence, and as a matter of fact, there are adults who still get engrossed with Rick & Morty or even The Simpsons just for that extra taste of mirth. This highlights the importance of these character creations in our lives and hence, the need to celebrate the cartoonists behind them. But how do we go about honoring these cartoonists? It is easy. If you have had cartoon characters whom you have always adored, this is your chance to share them with the world (could be sketches or comic strips), whilst giving a shout out to the creators (Bonus points if you are the cartoonist behind the characters shared).

For me, characters I absolutely loved growing up were actually Pinky and the Brain created by Tom Ruegger and also Steven Spielberg.

Famous from the Animaniacs, one of my favorite takeaways from the show was the satire and clever wordplays Pinky always blurts when Brain asks, “Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?”. Those were so good, I had to create my own Pinky moments.

…one is a genius, the other is insane

Another pinky moment goes like this:

Brain: Pinky! Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

Pinky: I think so undertaker Brain, but if Chris and the mum attended the funeral, why all these flowers (Chrysanthemum)?

Other cartoons I grew fond of and also had sketches of include NickToon characters such as the wefie of the Spongebob crew and also Darcy from “Bunsen is a Beast”.

Squidward ruining the perfect wefie (2019 sketch).
Can you name them all?
Two fun loving simpletons
Darcy from “Bunsen is a Beast” (2019 sketch)

Lest I forget, many posthumous thanks to Joseph Barbera and William Hanna for their evergreen creation of Tom and Jerry; that cartoon never gets old.

Always enjoyed every chase from these two.

So, what cartoon characters or comic strips have you liked, and what were your favorite takeaways from them?


33 thoughts on “Day of The Cartoonist. (Sketch)

  1. Our local paper carries a comic strip called “Zits”. It is always fun to read for the character’s facial expressions and because as a mom, it brings back all of those funny (not always funny at the time) memories of raising a teenage boy. It remains ever my favorite comic strip.

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    • That’s so lovely, Karen.

      I just read the synopsis of the comic strip, Zits, by Jerry Scott, and I now see why those memories of yours are fun and cherishable. Thanks for sharing.


    • A truly terrific list you’ve got there😁😁. As for Animaniacs, anytime is a great time as long as it’s still got the humor; still yet to see the reboot though.

      Thanks for sharing.

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  2. This was so so wonderful to read. I love the sketches. They are simply amazing. SpongeBob!!!!! It used to be my all time favourite. I guess it’s Simpsons for me right now.
    Wonderful job friend, absolutely wonderful.

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    • Very true, Art; and with digital transformation very much forging the future, I wouldn’t be surprised if humans will be found in virtual environments comprised of these animated characters. That’ll be very immersive.

      By the way, a DreamWorks studio animation never disappoints, so I’m taking it that Sherman and Mr Peabody will be fantastic. Thanks for sharing.


    • Indeed Emmanuel.

      Pinky and the Brain was one of a kind; and how could I also forget Biker Mice from Mars, Johnny Bravo’s Hey Mama line and the yell of Silver Hawks followed by the hawk’s screech at Silver Hawks intro. These shows were truly amazing growing up, and thanks for sharing🙏.

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    • Indeed, Dawn. It wasn’t until last year that I found out that the soundtrack alluded to Pinky as the genius, whilst Brain was insane. An ironic masterpiece it was.

      I’m glad the piece brought back memories of the toon. Thank you.


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