Cinders of Life.

Image source: Pixabay

as ember-lit words,
strike the depths of brimstone hearts,
pain turns to ashes.

I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone whose works have served as a source of upliftment amidst troubling times and also inspired a vast community of readers. Do accept my heartfelt thanks and have a lovely week ahead. Ciao!


The Tired Earthling

The portrayal of a yawning child with graphite pencils on Bristol vellum paper (Portrait Reference)

Back in school, I learned that fascinating mnemonic in biology, MR NIGER D, (Movement, Respiration, Nutrition, Irritability, Growth, Excretion, Reproduction, and Death) that depicts the unique characteristics of living things. Growing up and being handed presents containing both the bliss and vicissitudes of life, I realized more traits exist (e.g., tiredness), and here’s why.

Athletes can feel weary with that over 25-mile marathon, the excruciating 90 minutes of football, or that intense tennis match that’s decided on a tie-breaker. However, tiredness can transcend the realms of the physical into the depths of our mindscape.

A few students are tired of studying during the day while having to work endless night shifts to make ends meet or pay their tuition. There is the mental fatigue that accompanies the tiring psychometrics and assessments a recent graduate must surpass to land that first skilled job. Some people are exhausted from burning the midnight candle to chase that elusive success, while others who are keen to burn the candle are tired of seeking ways to purchase the match that sets it aflame, as the cost of living blows off the roof. Sighs!

Yes, it’s true life sometimes neglects the bed of roses on which our desires lay by handing us jagged knives and bayonets to fight her unending battles, and that in itself makes one fed up with existence. However, the conscientious are tired of how these battles are fought with the handed weaponry, as knives are no longer used to dice the fruits of our labour but to cut corners and stab the backs that feed us.

Where do we go from here? That’s a question I’m tired of pondering over. Thus, I decided to portray my feelings with graphite pencils on Bristol vellum. I am satisfied with my portrayal of this yawning child, particularly after a long while of drawing, which I could blame on a little emotional exasperation, hence my extended break.

I hope moving forward, I’d have the vigor to carry on my artistic journey to keep creating content for you, my supportive reader. Thanks for sticking around, and until next time, Ciao!


Sunfall III.

Photo source: Pixabay

Lonely atop the firmament,
where bodies seemed ever distant in space,
he became a hot-head for love,
scorching every affectionate being beneath him,
including the ravishing Miss Flora,
whose petals clung haplessly onto her twigs,
as they slowly died of thirst.

Grumbles sprouted from his fiery seeds,
sown in the field of God’s creation;
but the sea, however,
who dazzled in a luscious rippled dress,
effused warmth towards him,
garnered from his searing hazel aura.

Hours passed, and the day’s darkness crescendoed,
but, he intermittently found love gleams
as he met the sea’s azure gaze;
with her belly dances to the wind’s rhythm,
subtly sweeping him off his feet,
thus, felling him off his high horse,
right into the sea’s arms —
and in a brief moment of ecstasy,
he could finally see their love,
etched in the stars.

Photo source: Pixabay

P.S: Barring his somewhat villainous role in this writing, the sun will always remain a haughty dear; however, when years stand still, he tends to traverse the orbit of quirky imaginative planets😅.

Feel free to check out my previous Sunfall version, and also The Monarchs for more Autumn-themed writings. Thanks for reading and do have a blessed week ahead.


Stairway to Heaven.

Photo source: Pixabay

as life’s price sky-highs,
with needs, sunken in the clouds,
she seeks heaven’s reach.

…the cost of living might have gone through the roof, and our responsibilities to families and loved ones can sometimes become unbearable, but, that should be no reason to devalue our lives and give up the ghost, but rather, we should see it as a source of self-motivation as we progress through life’s daunting hurdles. There have surely been worse days, and definitely, better days are coming. Do stay blessed and have a lovely week ahead.


A New Dawn III.

Morning glory (Source: Pixabay)

days may have crumbled,
with the night star ushering defeats past to light,
but with that mustard seed of faith,
sown in love’s heavenly blue battlefield,
we shall rise forth,
to mirthful morning glories.

A very wonderful New year to you and yours I pray, with all yearned goals coming to pass🙏🥳. As always, do remain blessed.


Tale of two gods.

Source: Pixabay

A short, playful and somewhat true story.

…as the jagged talons of religious conflict ripped through earth’s coat of many colors, she struggled for what to believe in, thus condemning her ways to the eerie bliss of karma and the beguiling warmth of morality. Alas, she decided to pen an open letter to the world, pronouncing her new-found faith.

As the nothingness of the blank pages and her steel blue eyes embarked on a cold staring contest, imaginary quills swiveling between thoughts began etching words on her mindscape saying:

By the virtue of karma,

we get what we give,


when the sun sets on the once soaring butterfly,

as the gale’s burden rests upon her fragile wings

thence, plummeting her to the abyss,

she has to give up,

just so she gets up;

so, tell me

on what bed does your belief lay?


or the poetry dressed in pun’s prowess?

Have a lovely and playful week ahead.


The Thousandth Mile.

Photo Source

It has been two years and some months since I launched this blog, and I vividly remember my first blogpost which was a limerick of some sort that goes like this:

consumed by pride, envy and scorn,

the feeble veil of my heart is torn,

one which no golden needle and silver thread can mend,

one which only the agape love from persons can tend,

salving all wounds from dusk till dawn.

Love (Adapted)

The poem very much typified my emotional state at the time and how I held all kinds of feelings bottled up, searching for meaning and answers in our nature. However, interest from a few persons piqued gradually and my world began to morph artistically. With the gradual growth of the blog, I have been able to find my channel of catharsis with some areas botched in shades of gray, and others smeared in resplendent hues. As such, many thanks to you all who have literally given me a thousand reasons to be grateful for the interest, love and support rendered towards the achievement of this milestone.

As always, it will remain a tremendous pleasure to keep putting smiles on your faces through my works as you have done so effortlessly on mine. Cheers to our next artistic adventure, and a thousand hugs and kisses to each and every one of you. Happy blogging.


A New Dawn II

Photo Source

A short story

As her world spun still,
dreamy days flew by,
and the Earth slowly grew giddy.

With defenses now laying bare,
space-grey goblins came scything down her core,
and every milky taste she once had of her galaxy
became a forlorn memory.

Darkness crescendoed
and, alas,
from her seven siblings,
she became estranged.

However, there lived a being;
a bright beaming being,
who always stood firm by her,
and ran circles around her adversities,
illuminating her dimming mien,
and after three sixty six days
of twirling and courtship,
a new child is born.

A Happy New year to you, and may all your wishes yearned come true🥳🙏.


The Monarchs.

Photo source

Summer’s scorching reign was over, and the world finally became a stage for the succeeding princess. High hopes were held of her and the events of her coronation as documented in a lost journal reads;

As the sun crowned autumn,

with a fitting tiara bathed in gold,

whistling winds blew their bagpipes,

tree twigs swayed softly in the melodious aura,

and lush leaves fell fatuously

in deference to her majesty;

Alas, not all subjects agreed to bend the knee,

for they feared the land’s drought may never cease,

and how did the new queen respond?

Well, she sicced her soldiers on them.


The Beauts

Photo source

There’s the graceful allure of august auroras,
and the radiance of a splendid sun,
seeing through the teardrops of heaven;

There’s the ravishing bloom of pink cherry blossoms,
and the artsy resplendence,
weaved into the plumes of swirling macaws;

There’s the last golden smile of a summer sunset,
and the stunning dazzle of the moon and stars,
enlivening the gorgeous collage of the night sky;

but, of all the beauties mother nature has borne,
you, my dear, will forever be second to none.


Ode to Music

I’ve seen the colour of music;

yellow like a budding sunflower,

with blotted petals clothed in tumeric;


I’ve treaded her country, so idyllic;

where love and lust tastes sweet and sour,

and the dreams bequeathed inspire moments of magic;


I’ve heard her melody, so angelic;

easing my nightmares in the darkest hour

as the crickets chirp a solemn panegyric;


and when I feared my world grew paralytic,

with pain urging me to cower,

she became a soothing analgesic;


Alas, the tale she tells can sometimes seem cryptic,

as her throbbing pulses conceal its true power,

and her wordings can sometimes be toxic,

like a fierce fanged hound geared to devour;

still, I’ll forever be in awe of her alluring mystique,

for she has given me a thousand reasons to stay poetic.