Happy Holidays 🎄.(Sketch)

Drawing of Bart, Maggie, and Lisa wishing you a Merry Christmas

From everyone at Evergreen Terrace down to Nonso’s world, we would earnestly like to wish you happy holidays and a blissful Christmas.

May you and yours reap the splendid tidings of the season as we proceed into the new year. Do stay blessed.


The Gift. (Sketch)

So it’s Christmas, yay! A season where the atmosphere brims with joy and the love is so palpable. As it would be, this day happens to celebrate the birth of some special people including baby Jesus and guess who, (whispers) my brother.

After drawing my sister a few months ago, I had to make a promise of sketching him before his birthday; I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a pencil depiction of someone celebrated by the whole world.

I’m very happy to have finished this sketch before the year runs out, as it means I’ve completed the sketches of the best things that happened to me this decade.

So with this, I’d like to say happy birthday brother and a Merry Christmas to everyone!