A Child’s Innocence

A child portrayed with Arteza colored pencil set on A4 cardboard paper.

When a child is born, we see that sweetness, cuteness, adorability, and particularly, that shimmering innocence, gushing off their aura; however, where does this innocence go as they come of age?

One could argue that a child’s innocence suffocates in the chokehold that peer pressure has on our schools and society. Another could argue that a child’s innocence dissipates in a disjointed family, where one parent’s state of mind is in Tokyo, and the other’s is in Kyoto, and well, it can be hard to refute this since charity, they say, begins at home.

Furthermore, others think it’s just “normal” for innocency to reduce as a child gets older, but statisticians beg to differ. For those fond of mathematics and statistics, you’d remember the Gaussian curves or “normal” curves that tend to start at a point, peak at the middle, and then regress towards the end. Well, comparing this to innocence and our lifespan, I feel our naivety is at its peak when we are children, but this reduces as our brain develops and learns more about the world from childhood to adulthood. However, as we age gracefully towards our seventies and eighties, we see our innocence tends to peak again, thence, completing the inversely normal curve, or should I say an “abnormal” curve, lol. Now, this is just my fun observation which can be true for most, but definitely not all.

Nonetheless, this thought on a child’s innocence fascinated and spurred me to make this portrait in color pencil, and to be honest, I truly enjoyed it after making most of my previous drawings in graphite. I cannot say if my subsequent drawings will be in color, but I can only relish the unpredictability of my artistic journey.

So, what do you think?


19 thoughts on “A Child’s Innocence

  1. Your artistic ability always amazes me. It’s hard to find words to aptly describe your work. Rather than fumble about, let me say I have utmost respect and admiration for your gifts, both with drawings and with words. (In other words, I’m a big fan.) 🙂

    As for a child’s innocence, in my own case it fell precipitously and flat-lined early due to being raised in a severely dysfunctional family, but what I’ve noticed is that my sense of wonder (and, I suppose, a resurgence of innocence of sorts) really began to increase once I found art, whether it was aspiring to be a guitarist (prior \to losing my hearing), nature photography or writing. With creativity comes a sense of soul-cleansing, and although much of my poetry is very dark and somewhat disturbing, there’s a catharsis that occurs when I write it and it leaves me feeling as though I’ve purged some of those bad \memories. With my photography, I strived for silent stillness and contemplation in my images, which was my way of imposing order on my chaotic world. The sense of peace that art gives me is fertile ground for the restoration of a bit of the innocence I lost as a child. So, I believe, as you mentioned, that we can indeed recapture that lost innocence as we age as our perspectives, values and desires change. We see things through the eyes of wisdom and discernment, and we come to accept our lives and ourselves, and this helps us achieve a bit of serenity. 🙂

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    • This is so wonderfully put, Mike!

      Just as you beautifully said, I believe the more life experiences we are exposed to, the more innocence we tend to lose. However, our positive responses to these experiences tend to restore our humility, and subsequently, our innocence, as we progress in our lives.

      Thank you lots for this, Mike. I truly appreciate your remark🙂🙏.

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  2. Very well written, Nonso!

    Your musings on childhood and innocence really make one wonder if there’s anyway that both can be preserved and shielded from this wild, wild world. And a great potrait indeed ✨.

    Your artistic journey in all its myriad hues, the unpredictability and the inevitability, are relished by me.

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    • Indeed, Ana. With so many tribulations to overcome during our lifespan, preserving our innocence from childhood seems an impossible feat, however, I would welcome any pointers on how to though😀.

      Thanks for your kind words as always, Ana. I earnestly appreciate it.🙂

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  3. A wonderful piece of art. Your skills are really awesome. I just love seeing what you create. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day!

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