Tale of two gods.

Source: Pixabay

A short, playful and somewhat true story.

…as the jagged talons of religious conflict ripped through earth’s coat of many colors, she struggled for what to believe in, thus condemning her ways to the eerie bliss of karma and the beguiling warmth of morality. Alas, she decided to pen an open letter to the world, pronouncing her new-found faith.

As the nothingness of the blank pages and her steel blue eyes embarked on a cold staring contest, imaginary quills swiveling between thoughts began etching words on her mindscape saying:

By the virtue of karma,

we get what we give,


when the sun sets on the once soaring butterfly,

as the gale’s burden rests upon her fragile wings

thence, plummeting her to the abyss,

she has to give up,

just so she gets up;

so, tell me

on what bed does your belief lay?


or the poetry dressed in pun’s prowess?

Have a lovely and playful week ahead.


11 thoughts on “Tale of two gods.

  1. Oh, a joyful moment for me as I discover your greatness in those words I never fail to adore. This is the love I wish to read from and I am grateful for your talent. Anyway, I wish to thank you for the like you given me in my previous post, Demon, In The Ocean Of Tea. I am ever blissful to have you at my humble home. If there is time from your side, tune in to my latest poem – Angel, On The Other Side Of The World. Hope you will like it too just like those of yours I will continue to love. Thank you very much for being part of my life. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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