Hued Inceptions. (Sketch)

Sunday Sketchbook: ARTEZA Drawing pad

Media: ARTEZA Coloured pencils

Inspired by my last post, I decided to make my first portrait sketch in coloured pencils after dabbling in graphite pencils for a while now; and I must say, it felt good; even though it took quite some time to complete than those previously sketched with graphite pencils.

Given the unlimited shades of hue, sketching in coloured pencils could prove daunting when one tries to blend several colours, just to match the right skin tones, capture the golden mesh of a lass’s tress or portray the azure eyes of an adorable child; and if the artist isn’t ready for PATIENCE 101, he or she could easily be dispirited. But, I’m glad that wasn’t the case here, and also happy to see the drawing to its reasonable completion.

With this, I’m ready to introduce the newest member of the dry media family (Coloured Pencils), hoping she, alongside graphite pencils will be my knights in shining armor when new shading challenges come forth, particularly in these troubling days that needs a lot to keep sane.



55 thoughts on “Hued Inceptions. (Sketch)

      • what kind of paper and pencils were you using? In my recent portrait, after i had layered the colours, I went over it in white with round strokes and then again on top with flesh tones. Still looks grainy though

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        • I used the ARTEZA Drawing pad and their coloured pencils (expert set of 48). The pad consist of 80 sheets(130g/m²), but I also figured it required a lot of burnishing to smoothen out the grains, so I had to resort to a blending marker (can act as a solvent too).

          But when I tried the pencils on a Bristol vellum surface paper, it didn’t require much burnishing as the paper has less tooth than normal sketch papers.

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          • Thank you so much. I have just bought some luminance pencils, I’ve been using C’AranDache Pablo on Bristol Vellum. I use pastelmat for pastels but it’s all new to me!

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          • Anytime Sarah. It gets better for us with time. We just have to trust the process and keep exploring.

            By the way, it’s nice having those C’AranDache Luminance pencils. I’m sure you’d love them.

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  1. Her eyes are so expressive! I can’t fathom the level of talent needed to create art on this level. It leaves me staring for several minutes, just visually exploring the image, shaking my head in wonder. Beautiful work and amazing talent. 🙂

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