The Monodrama. (Tanka)

Sombre seas, the stage;

mournful clouds, the audience;

stern sun, the spotlight—

he oars through his pool of tears,

with none to ease his burdens.



14 thoughts on “The Monodrama. (Tanka)

  1. First, I’m in awe of the photo. Such a striking image – a dream to catch! (Is it yours?) (Kudos to whoever captured this.)
    Then the poem – (sigh . . .) – it’s beautiful, it resonates.
    And the two together! Dreamy and inspiring. I’m just drinking them in and feeling nurtured in doing so.
    Thank you!

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    • I should thank you more.

      I came across the photo on Pixabay while scrolling through one gloomy day (It’s indeed beautiful), then suddenly, I felt inspired to write the poem.

      Thanks again for your spurring remarks.


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