A Letter to Humanity. (Free Verse)

Dear humanity,
I write this to ask you,
How did we drift so askew,
to the point where
the vain is inanely adored,
and the sane is insanely abhorred?

Why do the colours that make rainbows smile
and give the auroras her alluring style,
no longer ignite beauty sparks on faces,
but smear the tracks of individual races?

Why do we worship the elitists
at their altar of greed,
but ignore the sinister cysts,
sprouting on those in need?

Why do we still play the game called fame,
whilst our high-scores keep putting us to shame?

When did everyone suddenly become so fickle,
leaving us to trust only the Reaper’s thrusting sickle?

If you’re reading this, I need some answers,
I really do,
because the world slowly sinks into hate’s murky gutter,
and I need to know how to keep my head above water.



18 thoughts on “A Letter to Humanity. (Free Verse)

  1. A topic that a lot of us are concerned about. The only thing we can do is be conscious about being genuine in personal relationships and change the way people relate to us. It’s a drop, but it counts. Nice reading your post!

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  2. A really intriguing piece. Countries now celebrate nonsense, and ignore sense. Taking a particular nation as an example; a giant nation which celebrates madness all over the mass media, but couldn’t even properly organize educative programmes. Ingenious beings are born everyday, but they reach the peak of their lifetime without inventions.

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  3. I’m right there with you. It’s easy to be good to each other, but it takes real effort to be hateful. We don’t have to agree with each other, like the same things or even each other, BUT, we need to respect each others humanity and make an effort to understand our differences. In the end, minds may change or people can simply agree to disagree and wish each other well. It’s simple, treat others as you want to be treated, say please and thank you, and don’t do or say anything that you would be ashamed of your grandmother seeing or hearing. Oh, and be careful about making assumptions!
    Keep fighting the good fight and decorating our world with your poetry and your art.

    Option 2 is what’s happening now!

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  4. Humanity’s not dying, it’s just acting like a 14 year old now! I had one, there were times when I wasn’t sure she was going to make it to 15 but she did. Now she’s 24. I wish I could get that point across to the people who need to understand it but I’m nowhere close to being an influencer of public opinion like the people you called out in your poem. I wrote a poem a while back called ‘We can do better’ that follows the same thread as yours. I don’t think I posted it yet, I’ll check to be sure. If not, I will post it and reference yours as the kick in the…, that I needed to get it out there. I’ve been waiting for the right time and I think now may be it. If i already posted it I’ll blame it on age and let you know where it is. Thank you for your compliment and your patience with my long winded replies!

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    • There’s no problem whatsoever with the replies; as a matter of fact they are very informative and motivating🙂.

      It feels good to know that more and more people like you voice their concerns towards how we humans could actually handle our existence better.

      Thank you once again, and I look forward to reading your poem.

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  5. This world is physical and consciously half in light and half in darkness all the time …we constantly have to make the choice where we put out attention… darkness surrounds us as more of us are either attracted or attending to the darkness…
    we can choose to change to the positive vibration and frequency we oscillate in and perhaps those around us will join us…
    your piece was very well written!

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