I looked into her eyes,

and they were filled with nothingness,

Where’d my help come from?


I thought of the seas,

But, I still drown in my tears,

Who’d pull me out?


I turned to the skies,

and the moon grimaced at me,

Selene, where are you?


For I feel your light,

slowly dimming on my path,

and darkness shining.


Oh dear Atropos,

What hath thou done with my fate?,

Cursing me to doom.


Alas, my heart’s heavy,

With no one to lift its load,

and set my soul free.


The gods forsook me,

For my life’s tombed in pillory,

Sadly, my soul seeps.



Depression is a mood disorder characterized by persistently low mood and a feeling of sadness☹️ accompanied with loss of interest🙄.

Depression is a major stigma in the world today; which has led to the loss of lives prematurely, majorly through suicide.

Ameliorate the worthlessness and guilt felt by a depressed soul today and you could be saving a life or two.




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